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Nous sommes heureux de créer pour votre site une offre gratuite et sans engagement pour une optimisation complète OnPage + OffPage.


L'optimisation AdWords

Google AdWords is by far the most effective online advertising system. Through the AdWords interface it is possible to place advertising on Google for your product or service. The basic principle is simple: you create a short textual ad and pay every time when a visitor clicks on it.

The ads are displayed in the Google search when they thematically match the content of the search query.

To do that, it is necessary to define search terms (keywords), for which the ads should be displayed.

The Google user will then see your ads for these keywords above or to the right of the regular organic search results.

AdWords requires setting up a monthly budget and a maximum price which you are prepared to pay per click for your ad. This price is also known as the maximum cost-per-click (CPC). In addition to that AdWords also provides numerous further settings such as regional targeting, different networks, language, and more.

Although creating a first advertising campaign in AdWords is relatively easy (you can contact us to get a CHF 100 AdWords coupon), with the currently already fairly intense competition and ever-increasing complexity of the interface, it is now more and more difficult to optimize and run a profitable campaign.

However, for us this is routine - we handle AdWords campaigns of all sizes and budgets, from just a few Swiss francs per day up to over 300'000 CHF a year - and we can definitely take your search engine advertising up several levels in terms of profitability and effectiveness. Just write or call us, and we can discuss what we can do for you.

The advantages of an AdWords optimization run by us:

1. Inexpensive flat-rate setup and management

An AdWords optimization at SEO Suisse does not cost you half of your budget. With fixed flat-rate prices starting from 100 CHF per month, you receive a full service for your AW account, with unlimited support.

2. High transparency

Transparency is one of the most important cornerstones of an AW optimization. We work closely with your web designer and provide detailed monthly reports on the progress, as well as any other numbers you may desire.

3. More visibility

A professional AW campaign includes creation of custom Landing Page texts, which are optimized for your essential keywords. This improves the Quality Score and Ad Rank, and in turns makes AW cheaper.

4. High level of competence

When you work with SEO Suisse, you are relying on an official Google Partner with several certified AdWords Advertising Professionals on its staff, who regularly pass exams to verify their level.

5. No hassle contract pause and termination

We believe in the success of our methods, which is why beyond the standard 3 month setup and first optimization phase, we do not require you to sign any long term contracts - you can pause or stop the campaign anytime, which gives you unmatched flexibility.

6. 100 CHF starting capital

Only with us, as an official Google Partner, you receive a one-time 100 CHF start bonus, which can be freely used in your campaign. This can only be offered by registered and certified partners of Google Switzerland.

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